TraceLocker offers a proprietary global analytics report from its unique data sink. Access to this report can be purchased by clicking below.

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Global Reports

This global report generates statistical data in the form of charts and graphs for TraceLocker notarised product transactions. The charts include detailed reports about the Efficacy surveys (Broken down by gender, age, weight and BMI groups), and detailed breakdowns of the types of notarisations that have occurred on the Blockchain.

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Products Notarised Per Day of the Week

Some of the notarisation charts feature types of products notarised per day of the week, type of device and statistics on the mean average amount of notarisation product types by day, and the distribution of the data.

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Wide Scale of Charts

The efficacy ratings data is split into ten charts. These include:

  • Average Efficacy Rating By Product Over Time Chart
  • Efficacy Ratings Grouped By Product Chart
  • Number of dosage amounts broken down by product Chart
  • Efficacy Rating by Gender Chart
  • Efficacy Rating by Gender – Broken up by Product
  • Efficacy Rating by Age Group
  • Efficacy Rating by Age
  • Efficacy Rating by Weight Group
  • Efficacy By BMI
  • Average dosage by age range
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Most Popular Step

Number of notarizations for each product gives a view what is most used by a client.

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TraceLocker Global Reports can also predict the probability of which product is to be notarised for a given time and date based on the history.

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